Our next 20 weeks' part time CELTA course starts

on 20 February 2018


Our next 4 weeks' full time CELTA course starts

on 30 April 2018

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                                   Winter part time CELTA trainees' last day, February 2017


                                  Autumn full time CELTA trainees' last day, November 2016


University of Cambridge ESOL

Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA)

The CELTA course provides initial teacher training, leading to a Certificate in English language Teaching to Adults.

CELTA is ideal for people without previous teaching experience who want to teach English as a Foreign Language (EFL).

CELTA provides further training for PGCE / Cert Ed teachers with no previous training in English as a Foreign Language (EFL).

CELTA is popular with overseas qualified teachers who want to update their methodology and learn about new teaching strategies.

The University of Cambridge CELTA is the only independently moderated TEFL training certificate and is highly regarded by employers round the world. CELTA provides practical teaching experience, where trainees learn by doing. 

          Course Dates September 2017 to February 2019


 Mode  Start  End                Location Price
February 2108

Part Time

20 February 2018 30 June 2018 ISE Hove £ 1,225 (book and pay by: 11 January 2018 - £1,125)
May 2018  Full Time 30 April 2018 25 May 2018 ISE Hove  £ 1,050
August 2107 Full Time 06 August 2018 31 August 2018 ISE Hove £ 1,150
September 2018 Part Time

11 September 2018

(NB 2 weeks' Christmas holidays closure TBA)

14 February 2019 ISE Hove £ 1,225 (book and pay by: 31 July 2018 - £1,125
November 2018 Full Time 05 November 2018 30 November 2018 ISE Hove £ 1,050


Early booking discount

ISE Hove are pleased to offer early booking discounts for the Part-time CELTA

The course fees must be paid for by the date indicated in order to benefit from the discount. In the event that an applicant is not offered a place on the course following an interview that occours where a payment has been made prior to interview, a full refund will be given.

Education & Skills Funding Agency  (SFA) funding available for CELTA study at ISE.
ISE is an accredited recipient for SFA funded candidates. You can apply to SFA for an interest free loan to cover the cost of CELTA, subject to eligibility.
Contact teachertraining@ise.uk.com

Course Components

The CELTA is awarded on successful completion of the programme which includes:

Course Content

The course covers five topic areas, as shown in the table below.

Programme delivery

CELTA coyrses are designed to deliver an integrated programme. They do not, therefore, deliver each topic area as a block of learning and most sessions in the programme will make reference to subject matter covered in more than one area. For example, a language analysis session may include language analysis for the teacher (Topic 2, Language analysis & awareness); problems particular learners may have with a language area (Topic 1, Learners & teachers and the teaching & learning context); strategies for classroom teaching (Topic 4, Planning & resources and Topic 5, Developing teaching skills & professionalism).

Over the course candidates build up knowledge related to all the topics covered in the CELTA5 Syllabus while at the same time developing classroom skills.


There are two modes of assessment:

i) written assignments which relate directly to one or more topics

ii) continuous assessment of teaching practice, which includes planning, teaching and self-evaluation.

The following table summarises how CELTA assessment relates to the five topics. Written assihgnment titles in italics.

Assessment of CELTA Syllabus Topics



Topic Title Assessment   (primary) Assessment (secondary)
Topic 1 Learners & teachers and the teaching & leanrning context Focus on the Learner; Lesson planning and teaching Language related skills; Skills assignment; Lessons from the classroom
Topic 2 Language analysis and language awareness Language related tasks; Lesson planning and teaching Focus on the learner; Lesson evaluations
Topic 3 Language skills: reading, listening, speaking & writing Skills assignment; Lesson planning and teaching Focus on the learner; Lesson evaluatrions
Topic 4

Planning & producing resources for different teaching contexts

Lessons from the classroom; Lesson planning and teaching; Lesson evaluations

Language related tasks; Skills assignment; Focus on the learner

Topic 5 Developing teaching skills and professionalism Lessons from the classroom; Lesson planning and teaching; Lesson evaluations Focus on the learner; Skills assignment; Language related tasks



(1) Q: What are the entry requirements?

A: Applicants must be able to demonstrate a sound reason for taking the course, an Advanced level of English and be at least 20 years of age. Boith native and non-native English speakers are eligible.

(2) Q: Is there an exam?

A: No, you are assessed on your Teaching Practice,  Written Assignments and portfolio, which is compliled throughout the course.

(3) Q: Will I be able to get work with a CELTA?

A: CELTA is the initial qualification for teaching English, recognised and required all over the world. No other qualification is better for finding work. The demand for English language learning continues to grow steadily and ISE graduates have a tremendous success rate in finding jobs both locally and abroad. (Examples of recent ISE CELTA graduate progression available on request from teachertraining@ise.uk.com)

(4) Q: What are the Written Assignments on?

A: You will complete four assignments: one on adult learning; one on the language system of English; one on teaching language skills; and one on classroom teaching.


To apply please complete the downloadable CELTA Application Form and CELTA Pre-Interview Task and send them together with a copy of your passport by post or email (open with Adobe Reader).

If you have any questions please contact our Teacher Training Department via email at: teachertraining@ise.uk.com


Full Time courses run from 09:00 - 17.30 each weekday.

Part Time courses have mandatory input sessions every Thursday evening from 18:00 - 21:15

Teaching practice sessions run on either Tuesday evenings from 18:00 - 21:15 or Saturdays from 10:00 - 13:15.

In addition candidates will be required to complete lesson planning and preparation and to read and research input topics in advance.


The CELTA is accredited and externally assessed by the University of Cambridge ESOL Department.

ISE Brighton
Accredited by the British Council for the teaching of English
ISE Hove
University of Cambridge ESOL Examiniations Authorised Centre for Teaching Awards