ISE Hove - feedback from our CELTA trainees:

ISE Hove - feedback from our CELTA trainees:
Date: 16 Dec 2015


Before I started the CELTA course, I had no idea if I would even like teaching. In fact, there was a good chance I wouldn't –the idea of public speaking terrified me.  However, the thoroughness required in the planning stage, as well as practical feedback received week-by-week meant that I was developing without even realising it –not just in my teaching, but in my ability to evaluate my own performance and work on areas of weakness. By the end of the course I felt confident in the classroom, I enjoyed teaching, and with the help of all the staff and fellow students at ISE, had solid techniques to draw from.

Amy O'Neil, part-time CELTA, September 2015 -February 2016. 


"When I set out to do my CELTA I expected there to be some challenges ahead, what I didn’t realise was how much fun it would be and that I would leave with and a huge sense of achievement and greater personal confidence. 

I also discovered that at ISE you don’t do your CELTA on your own, you have incredible support from all the staff at the school.  They consistently go that extra mile to guide you with words of wisdom, happily sharing with you their years of experience whilst showing a sympathetic understanding of how it feels to be a student teacher.   Now I can’t wait to be given a class of my own to teach and put all I’ve learnt into practise."  -

Rachael Sell, part-time CELTA Sept 2015-Feb 2016



“The CELTA course was well paced and the tutors were approachable and friendly. Chris, Elena and Simon were helpful, thorough, knowledgeable and gave supportive and constructive feedback. It was one of the most self-fulfilling experiences of my life and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to enter the world of teaching English to adults." - Maya Idrissi, full-time CELTA Oct-Nov 2015 


"When I had my interview for the CELTA course my main question was - "Will I really be able to teach by the end of the course?" I was assured that I would, but I was still sceptical that in four weeks you could learn enough to realize that ambition. I was wrong!


This was by far the most intense, challenging month of my life and I learnt more in these few weeks than I did in a year at University. It was really tough, especially the first two weeks. We were teaching on the very first day! Every evening we had lesson prep to do, and the weekends were taken up with writing assignments. The highlight for me came in my last week at the end of my final assessed lesson. A Brazilian student came up to me and gave me a hug and said she was really sad it was my last lesson because she loved my classes! I can't tell you how great that feeling was. I don't think I've had that sort of direct show of appreciation in my job for a very long time and to me, this is what CELTA is about." - Mandy De Souza, full-time CELTA Oct-Nov 2015

''I would absolutely recommend The CELTA this course to anybody interested in teaching ESOL.There is a great balance of theory, observation and practice. From the very start of the course you are given practice teaching in front of a class of authentic ESOL learners. Throughout the course you get productive feedback from your tutors and peers which let you know how you can keep improving. The school has a friendly atmosphere and you feel well supported by all the tutors and staff. The course is enjoyable but challenging and the full time course keeps you very busy. I didn’t have any teaching experience prior to this course but I feel it has given me a great start in preparing me for teaching.'' - Darius Coles, full-time CELTA Aug-Sept 2015


‘I have recently completed YL extension to Celta at ISE Hove. The course very much met and exceeded my expectations.  I found this course very interesting, informative, motivating and challenging at the same time. The knowledge and ideas gained throughout the course have provided me with a strong foundation. I found the course trainers very effective, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. I highly recommend the YL course offered at ISE.’ - Viktorija Sumska, full-time YL Extension to CELTA, August 2015


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