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...Some ISE Students Quotes... 


"All at ISE is good! I felt like I had eveything I needed around me.
We had usefull activities and great fun and the lessons were really catchy and interesting!
Lorenzo Colledan


"Studying at ISE has been a great experience!
I have attended lessons with different teachers from different levels nd all of them are really professionals. Actually, all the staff is nice and helpful, I think they are really care about students.
I had a good time there! Totally recommended!"
Belen Gonzales


"I had a great teacher, he explained every single task very clear and encouraged us to speak loud."
Yuxin Yan


"The English lessons at ISE Hove are very interestings and I learnt lot of things!
My teacher is always smiling, helpful and so kind."
Gaia Bolzonella

"The teacher was excellent, so lovely and patient."
Hitches Lishan


"The lessons at ISE Hove were so interesting, we did a lot of interesting things and my teacher was very nice and a bit funny!".
Ilaria Vanuzzo










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