Business English Diploma


The ISE Diploma in Business English is designed for students who have studied to general degree level in their own country. They would like to study for a master's degree in the broad area of Business but lack the academic qualifications for direct entry onto a master's degree programme. Equally, it is also necessary to improve business terminology, their academic study skills and their English, so that they can cope well on a master's degree the following year.
Course aims
There are two specific aims of the ISE Diploma in Business English. The first is to boost the students' academic level to the equivalent of the end of an honours degree, as awarded by a British University. This is done through studying three assessed academic modules per term, on a variety of Business-related topics.
The second aim is to improve the students' academic study skills and English, so that by the end of the course, they are able to compose specific business documents in the appropriate register, write a 2000-word reasoned essay, give a 15 minute academic presentation, take adequate notes, read and summarize academic textbooks effectively and to participate fully in academic life.
Course structure

Module One – 12 weeks

    •    Academic writing 1
    •    Academic reading 1
    •    Business terminology 1
    •    Business Grammar
    •    Academic listening and taking appropriate notes 1
    •    Cultural Studies
    •    Speaking
    •    IELTS skills
    •    Statistics 1
    •    Introduction to Management

Module Two – 12 weeks
In terms two and three students study both English and academic modules. The academic modules vary from year to year but this is a typical selection.
    •    Academic writing 2
    •    Academic reading 2
    •    Business terminology 2
    •    Business Documents 1
    •    Academic listening and taking appropriate notes 2
    •    Oral presentations skills
    •    IELTS skills
    •    Marketing
    •    Human Resource Management
    •    Theories of Management

Module Three – 12 weeks
    •    Academic writing 3
    •    Academic reading 3
    •    Academic listening and taking appropriate notes 3
    •    Oral presentations practice
    •    Business terminology 2
    •    Finance
    •    Corporate Communications
    •    International Business
    •    Business Simulation

Module Four – 12 weeks
    •    Academic writing 4
    •    Academic reading 4
    •    Academic listening and taking appropriate notes 4
    •    Corporate Structure and Re-organization
    •    Business terminology 3
    •    Operations Management
    •    Business Ethics
    •    Research Project
    •    Final Presentation

Entry requirements
Students must either have already have graduated or be about to graduate from any general degree-level course in their own country. The student's must submit an examination transcript of at least 70%. We also require IELTS 5.0, which must be achieved by the end of August in the year of entry. Students should also submit at least one academic reference on headed paper. Please also submit any information about relevant work experience.

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