Информация о визе в Великобританию

An appropriate VISA will be required for students from countries outside of the European Community for entry into the U.K.

ISE provide letters to assist students in acquiring a VISA and it is strongly recommended that all non E.C. students wishing to study contact the school in advance so that arrangements can be made.

Students visas are generally awarded to students who are registered on full-time courses (15 hours per week or more) lasting more than 6 months, whilst short term or Student Visitor Visas, are issued to students registered on courses of 6 months or less. Please contact your local British Embassy visa section to obtain the most up to date information.

Основные требования для иностранных студентов

In order to obtain a visa to study in the UK, applicants from countries outside the European Community must have a CAS Statement (or Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) to show that they have been accepted on a course at an acceptable level with an approved Education Provider and evidence of money to cover your monthly living costs (also known as maintenance) for the whole length of the course or the first 9 months for courses longer than 9 months.

Требование 1 - CAS (подтверждение о приеме на
CAS, or Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies, has replaced the visa letter process formerly employed by the UK Border Agency.

Intensive School of English will provide an original CAS Statement to students after payment for the course has been received (or guaranteed by a government or official recognised institution). The letter is sent to you for use with your Application in your home country.

Требование 2 - Выписки с банковских счетов 
Evidence of funds must be provided to show that applicants have the equivalent of at least £600 per month for each month of their course in the UK to cover living costs (maintenance) plus any outstanding fees for the course. So, for example, a student accepted on a 7 month course must show 7 x £600 (£4,200) in a personal bank statement, or a student accepted on a 9 month course must show 9 x £600 (£5,400) in a personal bank statement for mainenance, plus the amount of any unpaid tuition fees.

Требование 3 - Studying a Course at an Acceptable Level

From April 2011 any student wishing to apply for / extend a Tier 4 General Student visa will require a test certificate from an accepted Secure English Language Test (SELT)

Acceptable tests of English for and required grades are as follows:

Cambridge PET
Результат: Borderline or above (B1)

Cambridge FCE
Результат: Weak or above (B1)

Cambridge CAE
Результат: Weak or above (B1)

Аудирование 4.0
Речь 4.0
Чтение 4.0
Письмо 4.0

Аудирование 275
Speaking 120
Чтение 275
Письмо 120

Тест Пирсона
Аудирование 43
Речь 43
Чтение 43
Письмо 43

Чтение 8
Аудирование 13
Речь 19
Письмо 17


UK Border Agency - Изменения для иностранных студентов от 3 марта 2010*
(для студентов, подающих заявки после 3 марта)

Все студенты, пребывающие в Великобритании дольше, чем 6 месяцев, попадают под категорию Tier 4. Применяются следующие условия: 

•    Минимальный уровень Intermediate (CEFR B1) обязателен, чтобы подаваться на категорию Tier 4 для взрослых (на длительный срок)

•    Студенты с начальным уровнем знаний (beginner & elementary) students могут подать на визу Student Visitors, но продолжительностью максимум 6 месяцев без разрешения на работу.  

•    Студенты, обучающиеся 6 месяцев или менее, попадают под категорию Student Visitor, как обычный турист, без разрешения на работу.

•    Спонсируемые государством студенты могут обучаться на любов уровне по категории Tier 4.

•    Разрешение на работы от 10 до 20 часов в  учебное время 

Как долго я могу учиться? 

Если Вам 18 лет или больше и Вы не учитесь в университете, Вам будет разрешено остаться в Великобритании только на 3 года. 

Пишите на этот адрес, если хотите получить больше информации oly@ise.uk.com 

Immigration links

More specific visa information can be obtained from the agencies below:
- The UK Visas website provides information on visa requirements and how to apply for a visa before coming to the UK:

- The Home Office's UK Border Agency (UKBA) website provides immigration information for people already in the UK:

- You can contact the Immigration Advisory Services (IAS):

- The UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) produce guidance notes for students on "Immigration procedures after arrival in the UK":

People who provide immigration advice need to be registered with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). A list of registered members is at:

If you need to contact the British Embassy in your country before travelling, please see:

The British Council maintain offices in many cities around the world and can be a good source of advice. Please see:



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