Training Room / Classroom Hire

ISE Hove offer training rooms and classrooms suitable for community groups, teachers, trainers or other practitioners on a session basis. We offer room hire both in our school at 2 the Drive and our building just across at 40 Church Road. Please see the table below for each Room capacity. ISE can supply OHP, laptop projectors and other AV equipment at no extra cost.

Room Capacity with desks Capacity without desks

Price per session 3hrs

Additional info
2 24 36 from £95.00 Large training room with an installed IWB (Interactive White Board), computer, DVD player and a projector
3 08 10 from 50.00 Small room with whiteboard
4 16 28 from £85.00 Wall mounted TV
5 16 28 from £85.00 Wall mounted TV
6 10 14 from £50.00 Wall mounted TV
1, 40 Church Rd 24 36 from £85.00 Large bright room with whiteboard
3, 40 Church Rd 24 36 from £85.00 Large bright room with whiteboard
Front room, 40 Church Rd 24 35 from £85.00 Large bright room

For more information please contact or telephone +44 (0)1273 749244.

Please contact us for bookings of more than one week as discounts apply.

All rates include lighting, heating and power for the duration of the session, plus access to the toilet, internet and cafe facilities.

Room 1










Room 2

Room 4

Room 5

Room 6

Room 1, 40 Church Road

Room 3, 40 Church Road

Front room, 40 Church Road

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